Did you know that you are able to transfer an existing claim to us?

I had a cycling claim that I inherited from a firm of solicitors a few years ago.

The client was involved in a road traffic accident and the matter had been readied by the previous firm to settle. Liability had been admitted already and they was just quantum, i.e. the amount of damages to agree.

The schedule of loss was very long in length and the client was content with the items claimed personal injury, loss of earnings, care, damage to bike clothing etc.

On a review of the claim, I realised that one very important heading of claim had been omitted.

The client had stated in the orthopaedic report and psychological report that he would not ride his bike any longer. I spoke to the client, and he confirmed that before the accident he rode his bike 22 miles a day to and from work.

Since he was fit to return to work, he now was reliant on using the train to work and at weekends with an annual season ticket price of £1400.00 a year, whereas before the accident he cycled everywhere.

We successfully claimed for the past and future travel expenses achieving an extra £26,000.00 in damages.

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